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Fuel Station for Marine and Land Vehicles in Baldwin County Alabama

Receive the treatment that you and your vehicle deserve. Wilson's Service Center is more than just a gas station to fill up at, we are a full service fuel station. Since 1960 we have been the top choice for fuel services in Baldwin County Alabama.

Full service

When you pull up to one of our fuel pumps we make sure to give you the full service. We fill up your car with gas for you, clean your windshield and windows, check your oil, and ensure you have good tire pressure.
Propane Gas - Gas in Baldwin County, AL

Non-Ethanol Fuel

Many boats and marine vehicles operate on non-ethanol fuel. So do many smaller vehicles including lawnmowers, golf carts, and even ATV's. The benefit to non-ethanol fuel, is that it can be placed into an engine and maintain it's effectiveness when left alone for a long time. For instance, if you have not put your boat on the water since last summer, any fuel left inside the engine could erode the gas lines, forcing the engine not to start.

However, non-ethanol fuel is not as corrosive, and would allow you to start your boat, jet-ski, lawnmower, or any other vehicle even after it has been left unused for months, even years at a time. Wilson's Service Center is one of the few places where you can get non-ethanol fuel.

Learn more about our full service fuel station by calling 251-626-9932 or today.